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Register and let APlaceToLive® work for you. . .® offers solutions to assist you.  Our website is user friendly and easy to navigate.  You have access to your information instantly, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are clear, concise and accurate with up to the minute status on your account.


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  • Free signup
  • Instant payment notification
  • No more late payments
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Earn dollars on commission
  • Complete payment history
  • AutoPay setup
  •   Manager sign-up


    Paymenst made easy® takes a new approach to provide an easy solution to making payments - do it online and chose your method of payment. Take advantage of paying by check, credit card or set up auto-pay. It's easy, it's convient, and you get instant confirmation and online records of your transactions.

    Lowest Transaction Fees

  • No sign-up fees.
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • AutoPay
  • 3 second account activation

    My Account . . .

    Payment records and transactions

    Set payment dates with auto-pay and let your payment be automatically sent to the directed account. No more late checks or charge-back penalties from your bank.

    Enjoy a complete transaction history showing all your payments. Your payments history is completely transferable and accumulative even if you change residence.

    Don't let Credit Checks stop you from getting the apartment you want . . .

    Paying your through® means creating a history that is completely transferable from one account to another.

    Imagine submitting your rental applicationwith a detailed copy of your month-to-monthor year-to-yearrental payment history or have®, upon request, release your rental information containing all payments made through® to the property management company you are submitting your application to. Be the first to take advantage of online technology.

    Take it a step further and manage multiple units from different landlords . . .

    With® account manager you can manage more than one unit under the same account. Pay for a son or daughter's college housing online with our system. Control of all your payments even if they're made to different property management companies.

    With the® referral program, you earn commission on referrals. You chose between receiving monthly checks; ACH directly into your Bank Account .

    Register Now!

     Online Payment  Vacancy Services   College Housing  Independent Business Owner  Alliances  The Neighborhood  Moving Resources  
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    Sign-upas a property owner or manager and enjoy our great service to you.


  • No paper checks
  • Admin. cost reduction
  • Complete payment history
  • Data export functionality
  • Real time statistics
  • Free

  • Manager & Landlord Registration

    Fast, secure and easy . . .® offers a fast, easy, convenient and secure way of making payments online using a credit card, check or auto pay.

    With the® Online Paymentservice you'll be able to receive payments and monthly lease payments from your tenants electronically.  The funds are automatically deposited into the owner's Bank Account within 72 hours.

    Get instant notification on payments made.

    Up-to-date payments history for both Users and Property Owners. The property owner can view different forms of payments made to the account such as Lease Payments, Deposits, Debt Collections and even manual adjustments made to the system.

    Export data in different formats

    Our system provides data export functionalities to fit your reporting needs. The manager billing history comes with a Print, export to Microsoft Excel, Word and other Property Management Software formats. We can also customize data based on client needs.  Register for details.

    Property management at different levels

    Manage all your properties and units from the corporate or managerial level. Our system allows you to add users, assign managers to your properties, set permissions, Initiate spot payments, debt collection and much more.

    Manage all your properties or assign managers to only the properties you specify.

    Payment records and transactions

    Users can set payment dates with auto-pay and  send payments automatically online to your  property manager's account instantly. Enjoy a complete transaction history showing all your month-to-month and year-to-year payments.

    Never have to list your vacant property units . . .

    Let® do it automatically . . . and its FREE.

    By registering your property units for online lease payment, our system automatically sets up your units for our online vacancy search. When your rental unit is occupied by a tenant, the unit goes off-online automatically.

    When the lease expires and the tenant moves out, the unit status becomes vacant and our system automatically activates it for advertising on the® vacancy network.

    Never worry about updating vacancies or advertising your vacant units for the next available tenant.® takes care of it for you . . . FREE

    Provide Your Tenants with Quality Service

    By making® your payment processor and solutions provider we guarantee greatest service we can offer.

    Registerwith® for Online Payment, set up your rent roll, provide your tenants with a security access codegenerated by our system and have your tenants start paying online with no hassles.

    Your Tenant's Account  Preview

  • No more paper checks.
  • Pay with your checking or savings account electronically.
  • Pay with your credit card.
  • Less administrative work for managers.
  • Debt collection management system available to managers.
  • Manual payment adjustments from external payments into our system.

    Simply sign-up as a Property Owner and within minutes, you will be able to provide your tenants with a fast and convenient service.



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