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Online Payment

  • What is Electronic Payment? provides a completely seamless Internet transaction processing that is focused on reducing clerical costs, strengthening customer loyalty, and increasing payment options that allows clients and residents the ability to pay their rent/ application fee/ security deposit/ or any other charges as deemed by your Company, electronically using a checking account, credit card, debit card, ATM card, or auto pay options via the Internet or over the phone, as authorized by your company. All transactions occur through a secure system. The monies collected is deposited in your designated bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.  

  • How does the Flow of the Money occurs?

The electronic process by which the funds are transferred from the user's account to the designated Owner/Management Company/ Landlordaccount is a two-step process:

Step 1: After the user submits their banking information to those records are encrypted and bundled based on the bank the funds are to be debited from. At 11:59 PM the funds are sent to the Federal Reserve. Since this involves an electronic transaction, they will be the first to be processed the next day. The first day after the transaction is initiated, the Federal Reserve requests the funds from the bank that is to be debited from, and request the funds to be deposited to the's Holding Account at our bank. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the funds to post to the's Holding Account.

Step 2: The next business day, the funds are sent via Automatic Clearing House, which is an electronic transfer between banks, from the holding account to the designated bank account at your company.

The funds will post into the designated Property Owner / Management Company / Landlord account, within 72 hours after the transaction was initiated.

All the above transactions are processed through a completely secured website. Furthermore, all banks involved with authorized clearing house are FDIC insured, hence eliminating the concerns one may have regarding electronic transactions.


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Online Payment

Vacancy Services


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Vacancy Services


Online Rent

Vacancy Services


Haven't registered?

Vacancy Services

  • What is this service?
  • What will the service cost me?
  • How can a sign on as a Guest Member?
  • How can I become a member?
  • How will I know what types of properties are available?
  • What if I do not find any listings or find property elsewhere?
  • What information do the listings include?
  • How often are they updated/ new listings?
  • How do I conduct a search?

Online Rent Payment

  • How do I register to pay rent?
  • Are there any prerequisites before I register?
  • How do I login to my account?
  • How can I pay my rent online?
  • How can I pay with a credit card?
  • How can I pay with a check?
  • How can I pay rent over the phone?
  • How to make an auto payment?
  • How do I get a receipt?
  • What is the incentive rewards?
  • How can I confirm that my payment was made?
  • When will the payment post?
  • How does the money get to the landlord/manager?
  • How long will it take before the property management owner receives their funds after a payment is made?

What is this service?

This service allows you to advertise your property vacancies over the Internet to individuals looking for a place to live nationwide.

What will this service cost me?

This service is offered to you for FREE. You simply enter the web page, follow the registration prompts, enter your property data, and await for individuals looking for a place to live inquiries.

How much time and effort will be required on my part?

The initial registration will only take minutes. You can reduce this time even further by having the following information readily available:

  1. Address of all properties to be advertised.
  2. Contact information for the individual or office that handles all vacancy inquiries.
  3. A detailed description of all amenities for each vacant unit.
  4. Rent/lease and deposit requirements.
  5. Minimum lease requirements (term).
  6. Any other information that may help you fill your vacant unit quicker!

Due to this being a free service and our success depends on your and to avoid unnecessary contact between you and the individual looking for a place to live, you will be required to keep all vacancy information as current as possible. is not advertising your properties; it is advertising your vacancies. If our database is outdated or too generic, tenants will realize such and our service will suffer as a result. Updating your vacancies will only help you fill them more quickly.

Do I have to make a commitment?

There is absolutely NO commitment on your part. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our advertisement service you may delete your properties from our database. Your participation is completely voluntary.

How will this service benefit me?

The Internet is increasingly the place of choice for business' to reach their customers. In your case, you are constantly seeking individual looking for a place to live to maintain peak capacity for your properties. Individual looking for a place to live are turning to the Internet now more than ever to fulfill their living needs. This service is the ideal medium in which to advertise your vacancies directly to your target audience.

Who will be the audience for my advertised vacancies? makes its vacancy services accessible for people nationwide. Anyone, anywhere in the country will be able to browse our web site and view your vacancy posting.

How will individuals looking for a place to live locate my properties during their search?

The individual looking for a place to live will search our database by selecting from a variety of preprogrammed criteria (i.e. geographical area, rent range, number of rooms, and other amenities). The individual looking fo a place to live will then be able view all properties that match his/her selected criteria.

What are my obligations if my properties are selected by a person looking for a place to live?

If someone looking for a place to live wishes to contact you or ultimately decides to enter a rental or lease agreement for one of your properties, you have NO obligations to . This service is intended to merely bring the parties together. Any discussions or agreements that take place once you are contacted are solely between you and the prospective tenant. However, does provide an affiliated Rental Application Service which will streamline the rental application process and help you run your properties more efficiently.


What is this service?

This service allows you to receive payments or other related fees electronically. These fees can be paid electronically over the Internet, over the phone, or by automatic withdrawals. All transactions will automatically be deposited in your bank account.

What will this service cost me?

You are charged nothing to register for this service. will charge you on a per transaction basis. For each transaction that deposits in your bank account, it will deduct only the cost of the transaction that is set out in the "Terms and Conditions" contract entered into between you and at the time of registration. There are NO registration fees, NO annual fees, and NO membership fees

How much time and effort will be required on my part?

The process is not difficult and can be accomplished rather quickly. First, register yourself as a property owner/manager/landlord on the's web site. Next, register each of your properties. Then proceed to register all units within those properties that you wish to pay electronically. Each of these units will then be assigned a security code within the database. Finally, just supply those security codes to each user and wait for their payment to be automatically deposited in your bank account!

Do I have to make a commitment?

There is NO commitment on your part. You are free to terminate this service at any time. Your participation is completely voluntary.

How will this service benefit me?

Electronic/Online payments will be the norm in the immediate future. Just imagine - no more checks to cash, automatic deposits, electronic record keeping, not mentioning the benefits your payee will enjoy! Your payee may have already inquired about the possibility. So, why put it off any longer when you can reap the rewards of online payments now?

How do I get an account established with ?

You register with and provide us with a bank account you currently utilize or intend to utilize for related deposits. will transfer all electronic payments attributable to your properties into this account via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) system presently used by

How does the Automated Clearing House System work?

Each payment conducted via's Electronic Payment Service will initially be deposited by way of high speed cable modem into a Merchant Account. From this pool of funds, an Automated Clearing House System will be utilized to complete the transaction. This ACH System employs a three-step security process. The Account Manager first gathers all relevant information related to each attempted payment and marks such payment for deposit into its designated account. Second, the Accounting Department confirms that the payment is indeed accepted by his/her financial institution. Once the payment is designated for deposit in the correct account and payment ability is verified, the Management Department checks the accuracy of all information related to each payment and must give the final approval in order for the transaction to be completed. This system is designed to ensure that the precise amount of payment is deposited into the designated property owner's account.

How long will it take before the Property Management/Owner receives their funds after a payment is made?

The funds will be transferred 48-hour after the payment was made, this will be reflected on your billing history. The funds will be show up in the Property Management/ Owner/ Landlord's account 72-hours after the payment is made.

Is bonded in case of employee theft? currently has in place a $100,000 bond per employee in case of employee theft of funds handled by the company. No employee will handle over $100,000 of transfers per day.

What if the attempted payment is denied?

If, for example, there are insufficient funds, will collect and retain the charges it incurred due to such an improper attempt at payment. Because your bank account has yet to post any activity relating to such a payment attempt, retains the ability to recuperate any such charges. If the funds were deposited into the Property Management/ Owner /Landlord's account (a check can take 5-7 days to become a bad check) the funds as with any other banking situation will be withdrawn. A fee will be charged by the Electronic Clearing House and most likely by the bank. This will be between the individual and these companies and will not involve or the Property Management Company/ Owner/ Landlord. However, you can set up your account to automatically adjust a particular units' "due amount" to reflect any late fees you are contractually allowed to charge.

Is acting as a collection agency?'s Electronic Payment Service assists both you and the tenant by facilitating electronic transactions between the parties. simply provides an electronic alternative to the traditional forms of payment. While this electronic alternative will bestow numerous benefits, the collection of such and related payments remain your legal responsibility. is in the business of simplifying the payment process, but unfortunately we are not in the business of collections.

Who will maintain records regarding transactions to my account? will maintain all records attributable to your account. These records will contain information regarding the unit that has made a payment, how much the payment was made for, and the date and time the unit made such a payment. You will have access to such records upon your request.

What if I do not have access to the Internet?

Not a problem. A representative can complete the registration process for you.

You may contact us at the following address or use our on-line comment form :® Company
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